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Italian Symphonic Rhythmic Orchestra

Diego Basso Conductor
Diego Basso Conductor

Diego Basso Conductor

Maestro Diego Basso is the protagonist of important musical projects in major Italian and foreign theaters and major television networks. Its genre goes from opera arias to pop, symphonic rock, to classical music on the occasion of major events, as in the unprecedented show between the artists of the International Salieri Award and the Grande Orchestra.
His is an approach to music that aims to eliminate barriers and free emotions and transmits continuity, circularity, connecting different worlds.
His life and his choices prove it: he has always favored the encounter between different musical universes, from orchestras to great artists, throng the most varied stages, from famous theatres to squares to TV, the means of popular communication by definition.
Photo: Franco Moret

He always loves to open up to new experiences, without closing those that for him continue to represent the expression of his idea of music and direction, convinced that excellence is always the result of a choral commitment.He founded the Orchestra Ritmico Sinfonica Italiana in 2004. A project that follows in the footsteps of the great orchestras of the seventies. It consists of more than 100 elements and has a youth section of 40 musicians between the ages of 18 and 25 known as the Rhythmic Symphonic Young Orchestra.
The teachers of the Italian Symphonic Rhythmic Orchestra accompany Maestro Diego Basso, who is the only conductor, in concerts that take place in evocative locations and in the most beautiful squares of Italy, in Italian and international theatres and in television productions.

Music is like life, you can only do it one way: together.

Ezio Bosso