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Circostanze Verticali

The world of the circus has inspired the different languages of contemporary art: painting, music, literature, cinema, poetry, architecture… From Lautrec to Picasso, from Fellini to Warlock to Piero Pelù, there are countless artists fascinated by the circus, who have determined the “Circostanze Verticali”.
Salieri Circus Award presents "the circus in contemporary art" a collection of testimonies, sculptures, photographic and pictorial works specially created by the students of the Cignaroli Academy of Art and the Brenzoni School of Painting and Sculpture of Verona, inspired by the contemporary circus.

Luca Luce - Live 3D make-up performance

Animals, geometric shapes, eyes. The artist Luca Luce, famous 3D Make-Up Artist, uses his head like a canvas. He was the first 3D handpainter in the world and his Masterclasses are requested by the most important associations and international companies of Make-Up.. Luca Luce, famous above all for the works of optical illusion, will be the protagonist of a makeup performance open to the public, until seats are exhausted.