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Roberto Bianchin

Writer, playwright, journalist, circus critic, musician and actor
Maurice Agosti

Writer, playwright, journalist, circus critic, musician and actor, Roberto Bianchin practices the arts of writing and performing. Special correspondent of Repubblica newspaper for a quarter of a century, he has published novels, short stories, lyrics and essays (the last, "The mysteries of Porto Longone", is from 2021) and won literary, journalistic and theatrical prizes. He was artistic director of the Teatro Gerolamo in Milan and of the Compagnia de Calza "I Antichi", a historical group of the Venice Carnival.

With the opera "Aquagranda", with which he inaugurated the 2016-2017 Opera Season at the Teatro La Fenice in Venice, he won the Abbiati Prize for the best contemporary opera. In 2020 the Ente Nazionale Circhi awarded him the "Massimo Alberini Prize" for circus criticism. He is currently the editorial director of the publishing house "I Antichi Editori" and of the cultural news magazine "Il Ridotto".

Photo: Marco Bertin

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