Salieri Circus Award | Artistic Direction

Antonio Giarola

Producer & Director
Antonio Giarola

Artistic Direction and Direcion

Giarola was artistic director of the Salieri Opera Festival in Legnago for three years (2009-2011), when he produced the show Ringraziamento all'Arte ch'io professo with texts and music by Antonio Salieri, with Ugo Pagliai performing Salieri. Giarola also directed Varietas Delectat with the RBR Dance Company, a show staged in the Hermitage Theater in St. Petersburg in the spring of 2012.

“Salieri Circus Award” project is the result of the experience gained by Antonio Giarola in the heart of the international circus world of which he is now one of the greatest representative with many productions to his credit in Europe, Asia and Russia. He also gained experience in the organization of festivals and as a consultant of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities as a member of the Advisory Commission for circuses and traveling shows (1996-2002).

Especially today that many circus artists express their contemporaneity with avant-garde visual aesthetics, it should not be forgotten that they have their roots in a past which, in addition to being steeped in history, smells of classicism. Here is the dream and our challenge: to make the imaginative virtuosity of bodies "timeless art", through classical music.

Antonio Giarola