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The artistic director Antonio Giarola answers the most frequently asked questions

Subscription fee (1)

Is there a registration fee?
Absolutely not! On the contrary, the production will reimburse the costs of travel, board and lodging during the festival for the selected artists.

Music (5)

What is meant by classical music?
The term classical music usually refers to the period 1550 - 1900 but in this festival contemporary "Art Music" with strong classical values in the instrumentation can also be accepted.
Is it possible to use classical music arranged with electronic instruments and percussion?
Can live music be used?
Is it possible to mix music by one or more composers?
Can I propose a number without classical music and declare to change it later?
No, the selection commission should be able to judge the number in its entirety.

The artistic exhibition(2)

Can acts with many artists participate?
The presence of large crews is difficult if not impossible to achieve. A case-by-case assessment will be made.
What is the recommended duration of a performance?
We recommend an average duration between 4 and 5 minutes.

Special effects (2)

Can I use special effects with motion graphics videos?
Yes, indeed they are recommended because Salieri theater will have a large high definition LED wall screen as a backdrop.
Can live fire be used?
No, it is absolutely forbidden.


"Given the peculiarity of this festival, I advise all artists to ask for the collaboration of a choreographer or director for the preparation of their number. The name will be specify in the theatre program and during the artist's performance".

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