Salieri Circus Award | Program


From 16th to September 20th 2021


Thursday 23 September
08:00 pm
selection show "A"
Friday 24 September
08:00 pm
selection show “B”
Saturday 25 September
08:00 pm
selection show "A"
Sunday 26 September
04:30 pm
selection show “B”
Monday 27 September
08:00 pm
Awars Night - Final Gala with acts chosen by the Jury

Selection Show "A"
  • Duo Des Articules (France) - Handbalance and Contortion
  • Florian Blümmel (Germania) - Trickbike
  • Antony Cesar (Belgium) - Aerial Strap
  • Yury and Veronica Cavaegna (Italy) - Crossbow and Knives
  • Duo DoRo (China, Italy) - Hand to hand
  • Pass Pass (Italy) - Mimo, Clown
  • Soeurs Pilleres (France, Ukraine) - Comic act
  • Erik Triulzi (Italy) - Balance with chairs
  • Kamila Ganclarska (Poland) - Aerial Hoop with airhang
  • Viktor Moisev (Ukraine) - Horizontal juggling act
  • Man's World (Ukraine) - Hand Voltige
Selection Show "B"
  • Ignatov and Ganzyuk (Ukraine) - Handstand
  • Pavel Valla Bertini (England) - Unicycle
  • Duo Viola (Russia, Ukraine) - Bows Balance
  • Sergey Koblikov (Ukraine) - Mime Clown, Juggler
  • Duo Hoop (Usa, Canada) - Aerial Hoop
  • Giulia e Mattia (Italy) - Hand to hand
  • Joau Godinho (Portugal) - Aerial Trapeze
  • Sarah Togni (Italy) - Cyr wheel
  • Soeurs Pilleres (France, Ukraine) - Comic act
  • Victor Krachinov (Russia) - Juggler
  • Nirio Rodriguez (Cuba) - Handstand

Award Night

On Monday 27 September, on the occasion of the Award Night, the solo dancers of the Verona Arena, Elisa Cipriani and Luca Condello, will be guests of the evening with a new creation from the duet “Qui dove scherza l’Aura” for violin, obtained from the he opera "Axur re d'Ormus" (1788) by Antonio Salieri, with live accompaniment by Virtuoso Artale.