Salieri Circus Award | Viktor Moisev

Victor Moisev

Victor Moisev
Horizontal Juggling Act

Victor Moisev, 38 years, son of art, performs for the first time at the age of four. Multidisciplinary artist, he was a part of a rod Russian troupe with which he worked in some important international companies and won prestigious awards. Like juggler specializes with Sergey Ignatov for then creating, with the help of Viktor Kee, the concept of horizontal juggling, on its he developed surreal routes through the magic that meets the circus and get lost in the illusion. At the Salieri Circus he presents an unpublished work with twelve light spheres.

Author Piece
Paul de Senneville
(Paris, 30 July 1933), Mariage d’amour (1978)
Composition mistakenly attributed to Chopin). Its played for the first time by Richard Clayderman.