Salieri Circus Award | Victor Krachinov

Victor Krachinov

Victor Krachinov

Victor Krachinov, 30 years, was born in a circus artistic family, he begun to practice since a young age juggling with his brother Semen. Is firmly convinced that circus arts, full of positive energy, contribute to the happiness, the imagination and the freedom of thought, a life philosophy that shines through his exhibitions that are an hymn of joy. He exhibited in all of the continents but he is in Asia, at the Hiten Circus, that met Antonio Giarola, with whom worked more than on time. From ever passionate of classical dance, in his number, he allows himself aesthetic digressions convinced that juggling is basically just a game ...

Author Piece
Edvard Grieg
(Bergen, 15 June 1843 – Bergen, 4 September 1907)
«Nell’antro della montagna» Taken from the Peer Gynt in the version of the quartet Passo Avanti, with modern changes