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Duo Des Articules

Duo Des Articules
Handbalance and contortion

Marine Buridant, 30 years, and Alexandre Astruc, 32 years, have formed separately in contortionism and verticalism disciplines, making an individual artistic professional path. In 2018 they have founded the Duo des Articules duo, that allows them to explore together new roads. For the Salieri Circus they created an unpublished act, in which the strong of their complicity finds in Vivaldi’s music the most intense expression.

Author Piece
Antonio Vivaldi (Venice, 4 March 1678 – Vienna, 28 July 1741) «Sposa son disprezzata», air from the entitled opera Bajazet in the printed booklet of Agostino Piovene, Tamerlano in the handwritten score partially autographed of Vivalid (Philarmonic Theater of Verona, 1735). The composition is a typical example of mess, besides Vivaldi airs we find music by Giacomelli, Hasse, Broschi and Porpora. The mess practice, that nowadays could appear of dubious leicity about the author rights, at the time was enough frequent. «Sposa son disprezzata” used by Vivaldi in the Tamerlano, was composed by Geminiano Giacomelli for his opera La Merope /1734) with the title «Sposa, non mi conosci»