Salieri Circus Award | Erik Triulzi

Erik Triulzi

Erik Triulzi
Balance with chairs

Erik Triulzi, 21 years, graduates at Academy of Circus Art in Verona studying at the beginning the general bases of various disciplines, to then specialize in verticalism under the guidance of Andrea Togni. Young, he already worked in complex Italian circus, in a water park and in a national festival. The director Antonio Giarola asked him to interpret his own vision of a famous composition. At the Salieri Circus, through the choreography of Elena Grossule, Erik will face the poetic theme of the aspiration to flight and growth in an original way.

Author Piece
Johann Sebastian Bach
(Eisenach, March 31, 1685 - Leipzig, July 28, 1750)
Ā«Passacagliain C MinorĀ» (1708-1717), for organ, BWV582