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Salieri Circus

A unique contest

The International Salieri Circus Award is the only competitive contest with productions of circus Acts accompanied by classical music.

The festival is dedicated to the musician Antonio Salieri born in Legnago and to whom the city has dedicated its theater

Teatro Salieri

Salieri Theatre

Legnago, Verona
Teatro Salieri

Salieri Theatre

Legnago, Verona
Antonio Salieri

Antonio Salieri

Varietas Delectat
Varietas Delectat
Teatro Salieri
Varietas Delectat
Varietas Delectat
Salieri Circus

From 23 to 27 September 2021

Teatro Salieri – Legnago, Verona

Artistic direction

"Salieri Circus Award" project is the result of the experience gained by Antonio Giarola in the heart of the international circus world of which he is now one of the greatest representative with many productions to his credit in Europe, Asia and Russia.


The Jury will be composed by renowned international personalities of the contemporary circus and professional entertainment operators. Technical jury will be supported by a jury of circus and music critics.


Arturo Brachetti

The great Italian artist will preside over the jury made up of artistic directors, directors and entrepreneurs from all over the world.

“The circus is within us, it is part of our culture and has evolved with the change of society. Without the past there wouldn't future and so also for the contemporary circus. Only one aspect has not changed: the human factor, the creative gesture and the work necessary for the final result. I fell in love with the circus at the age of six when I saw a goddess arrive sliding on the clouds astride a swan to smile at humans and talk to elephants”.
Arturo Brachetti

Special Guest



Suzanne da Cruz – Darya Samoylenko
Comic Act

Le Soeurs Pilleres formed at the Centre des Arts du Cirque “Le Lido” in Toulouse many years ago… in fact, as soon as they graduate, they were invited by Antonio Giarola to partecipate at Festival VeronaCirco ’94. With a new formation composed by Suzanne da Cruz and the ukraine Darya Samoylenko, have continued to propouse their hilarious creations in the principal world television and famous variety. Now Giarola, mindful of their veronese exhibition, wanted them again in the guise of special guest out of the competition, because Suzanne and Darya are two very special interprets of the Sylphides of Fryderyk Chopin.


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Salieri Circus

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